Benefits of using pallet racks such as pallet flow, drive-in, and drive-thru racks

    There are many types of rack solutions available in the market. Drive-In Rack can be excellent for first-time customers. Having some knowledge about the types of pallet racks available in the market not only gives you decision-making power but also helps in ensuring the most viable solution.

    The rack type chosen is very reasonable among the various rack systems. The most important advantage of these rack systems is that they can store large amounts of inventory and not consume large amounts of space. The type you choose depends on what you want to save. You can select a rack set to place items on pallets, especially if all items are the same size and shape. The system consists of four hardened bolts and welded stanchions. This makes it easy to retrieve items regardless of your inventory structure. Drive in racking system is one of the best pallet racking systems for people, perfect for heavy equipment storage.

    Distribution X provides a wide range of storage solutions and pallet storage products for various industries, sharing our knowledge and experience to help your business succeed.

    Drive-In Rack

    Below are some Pallet Rack Type

    Drive-in Warehouse Rack

    The drive-in racking process allows forklifts to enter and exit the warehouse quickly. This will enable forklifts to store and remove materials. An ideal warehouse designed for Drive In Racking has doors allowing the trucks to order and enter the warehouse soon. However, if the warehouse has only one entrance and one exit, the warehouse should be arranged in a LIFO manner for convenient retrieval and storage of materials.

    Placement of Drive-Thru and Drive-in Pallet Racks

    The design of this pallet is designed to allow forklifts to pass through the warehouse quickly. Drive thru racking have one entrance and one exit on the other side of the warehouse. So, the forklift will pass. Particularly suitable for FIFO warehousing. On the other hand, a door at the drive-in entrance faces toward FILO.

    Drive-Thru Rack provides high-density storage. Due to the high density of stored products, the frame is sturdily constructed using high-quality steel.

    Pallet Flow Racking

    Pallet flow rack

    Pallet Flow Rack is designed with complex railings and roller beams to transfer loads to the deepest depths of shafts. This system has a brake function; you can hang your belongings on rails instead of beams.

    Also called gravity flow rack, this rack system is used for high-density storage. The frame is designed so that the automatic system moves forward when the product is placed on the stand. After this load, the second load is loaded. The rack controls the movement according to the weight of the products on the shelves.

    Pay attention to your application requirements when choosing Pallet Flow Racking. To make the accurate decision, you must deliberate issues such as the goods you store and how often you change them.


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